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Help us Un-Duplex our Duplex.  We are trying to renovate this great house back to its original splendor.  We are currently renovating a bathroom. We are trying to raise 10,000 dollars to put back the main staircase. In 1982 the owners of this house decided to remove the staircase and put in a bathroom in order to duplex this house.  The house was 3 apartments until 2000 when the previous owners started the task of un-duplexing.  In 2008 when i purchased this house i knew it needed some repairs.  I replaced the roof and the roof on the turret.  I’m now out of project funds. So what do we need?  We are accepting restoration donations of $1.00  thats it.  Less than the price of a bottle of soda\pop.   I’m not one to beg but i’m out of funds and have a baby on the way.  If you would like to donate a staircase or staircase parts that would be a great help.  We are also looking for tin ceilings and light fixtures as well.  Anything will help. 

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